Data Modelling and Analysis

Prediction Modelling: Using logistic regression, Canadian Census data and other data sources, KSI has developed a methodology for estimating the number and percentage of students predicted to receive special education programs and services at the district school board level.

Example: Since 2009, KSI has been contracted by the Special Education Policy & Programs Branch, Learning and Curriculum Division of the Ministry of Education to provide research and evaluation of existing data to inform the allocation of funding through the Special Education Statistical Prediction Model (SESPM) estimating the number of students vulnerable to require special education programs and services in each of Ontario’s District School Boards (DSBs). KSI continues to provide advice and support to develop the Ministry’s internal capacity to run the statistical prediction model in future years and to incorporate other data to be included in the statistical model.

This work continues to develop in Alberta with nine jurisdictions participating in the 3-year Alberta Kinder pilot.