Using innovative statistical techniques, high quality graphics and professional formatting, KSI produces beautiful, informative reports depicting data in graphical form, with concise, coherent descriptive text.


Data Modelling and Analysis

Prediction Modelling: Using logistic regression, Canadian Census data and other data sources, KSI has developed a methodology for estimating the number and percentage of students predicted to receive special education programs and services at the district school board level...



Inter-American Development Bank KSI was responsible to research the characteristics of the relationship between equality and quality of education in Latin America for the Inter-American Development Bank. The research agenda aimed to measure and understand the inequalities in school learning, evaluate the effect on inequality and quality of compensatory education policies, analyze the complementarities between demand side and supply side education programs and propose policy recommendations for countries in the region. Several publications are forthcoming f...


Consulting / Presentations

Dr. Willms speaks regularly to governments, superintendents, community organizations, parents groups, teachers, and principals. Dr. Willms’ expertise in conveying results from large scale database analysis, and commitment to evidence-informed policy and practice, has made him a highly sought after speaker and researcher in Canada and internationally...