I didn't have a lot of statistical background before taking the workshop; Dr. Willms was able to explain the content so efficiently that I understood it.
Doug's relaxed style of teaching and personality was a nice contrast to the complex material-- made it seem not so overwhelming.  I also appreciated some of the tips that were unrelated specifically to HLM (e.g. missing data), but useful in other contexts as well.  Having the PowerPoint slides on our own computers to follow along with was also extremely useful.

HLM Training

The principal aim of Hierarchical Linear Modelling (HLM) training is to familiarize participants with analytic techniques appropriate for analyses of hierarchically structured data, and to become familiar with the widely-used software, HLM. The workshops include a significant “hands-on” component and are most beneficial to those individuals with a solid foundation of descriptive statistics and a basic understanding of multiple linear regression.

Currently, there are no HLM courses being offered.