Allyson Haley

Allyson Haley is a Researcher interested in language & literacy development, psycho-educational assessment & monitoring systems, and intervention program development.

She graduated with her Honours in Psychology from Mount Allison University (2009) and went on to complete her Masters in Research in Psychology (2011) at the Center for Reading and Language, University of York, England.

Allyson is currently employed by KSI international as an Account Success Manager and works primarily with clients using the Early Years Evaluation tools. Her general responsibilities include:

  • Active involvement in developing relationships with clients and collaborators
  • Ensuring that clients and evaluators receive adequate training and support
  • Identifying and addressing clients’ needs in a professional and timely manner
  • Gathering and internally sharing customer feedback on product improvements
  • Staying informed about the current trends in early childhood education and research
  • Assisting with evaluation tool upgrades, report writing and dissemination.