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    The Early Years Evaluation (EYE) is designed to assist educators in assessing the...
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    The principal aim of Hierarchical Linear Modelling (HLM) training is to familiarize...
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    Inter-American Development Bank KSI was responsible to research the characteristics of...
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    Dr. Willms speaks regularly to governments, superintendents, community organizations,...

KSI Research

KSI Research International (2009) Inc. (KSI) is a commercial research organization that conducts multi-disciplinary research, evaluation and training, primarily in the areas of literacy, early childhood, school effectiveness, and children’s health. ...


Latest Updates

NB Leading the Way With the EYE
An estimated 20-30 percent of second graders in New Brunswick have difficulty developing their reading skills. Dr. Doug Willms tells the Daily Gleaner that identifying problem readers at an early age is key to breaking the cycle of low literacy levels. The Early Years Evaluation (EYE) is tackling the issue head on, and all four and five year old children in the province are now doing the EYE prior to kindergarten entry.
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EYE-DA in Full Swing in NB!
The New Brunswick Anglophone sector has begun their province-wide implementation of the EYE-Direct Assessment.

EYE-TA in Action:
Watch the EYE-TA at work in Edmonton Catholic Schools.
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[KSI Research International] is the leader in the use of large scale databases and statistical analyses in education in Canada. [KSI's] work has defined the agenda for educational change leading to wide acceptance of the need to ‘raise and level the bar’ in outcomes for children and youth.
[KSI Research International's] research work is directed to changing the outcomes for children. To that end they have developed new analytical methods, continue to teach them to young scholars, but have created innovated approaches that put research tools in the hands of practitioners.